MyDuck Store

“Your kid’s comfort is our purpose.”

My duck is an Egyptian brand founded in June 2020. Launched to be one of the growing brands in the babies and kids stuff industry. We care about you so we offer to provide you with all the mother’s needs and baby’s essentials from day 1 to age 12 old.

When we introduced our brand we aimed to penetrate the market and be known by the traders to provide a wide range of products from local and international suppliers. My Duck brought together all the trusted local and international brands from all over the world so you can have all you are looking for in one place.

The Competitive Advantages:

Different price categories that suit all classes.
The most trusted and known locally and internationally brands in medical child care.
Well-trained customer service and sales team that helps the mother to choose the suitable product for their needs.
Very fast shipping to your doorstep with reasonable prices.
Our manufactured products at the finest materials in the market with competitive prices.

Why choose My Duck?

We care about you & your baby so we save your precious time from searching. Not only we combined the widest collection of products at all the suitable prices, but also we started to produce our own products and we are on our way to be your first choice in the market.

“When we say we got your back and appreciate your precious time and effort we mean it. My Duck combined the widest collection of products at all the suitable prices’ classes. You can choose everything you need and it will be delivered the next day to your doorstep. We promise you the best quality and the fastest shipping.”

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